After a car wreck with injuries, you might hear several confusing terms. For example, the term "damages" is not exactly about the damage to your vehicle as a result of the wreck, but that issue does fall into the category of another confusing term, economic damages. To help you sort out what is meant by damages, read on.

Damages: Economic and Non-economic

Damages from a car wreck can be divided into two categories – economic and non-economic. You should understand what these terms cover if you are going to help ensure that you and your personal injury lawyer create a successful case against the at-fault driver. Both types of damages refer to money rather than physical damages. The more damages you can prove, the higher your compensation will be.

Economic Damages

This category simply uses your exact losses to form a request for compensation. There are any number of economic damages for accident victims. Anything you lost or will lose as a result of the wreck go into this category. Take a look at this list of common economic damages:

  1. Medical Expenses – Undoubtedly the highest of all economic damages are medical expenses. You might need to take action against the insurer if your medical bills are going unpaid or you have been denied coverage for a certain need. Another sub-category of this form of economic damages is future medical expenses.
  2. Lost wages – Let your attorney know about all time missed from work dealing with injuries or any other aspect of your claim.
  3. Property Losses – This is where the repair or replacement of your vehicle comes in along with any lost personal items such as phones, child car seats, etc.

Non-economic Damages

You might be wondering what non-economic damages look like and why they are considered damages if they are not associated with financial concerns. Actually, you can be paid for non-economic damages and the total you receive could be higher than any economic damage. Non-economic damages take the medical expenses of a victim and literally multiply that figure by a factor number. This results in the bulk of many personal injury awards and is meant to cover the pain and suffering of accident victims. Other non-economic damages considered might be the loss of consortium and psychological trauma.

To find out more about damages and to get an idea of what to expect for your wreck, speak to an auto accident lawyer about your case.