So, you don't have health insurance, or what you do have isn't very good — then, you decide that you'll go and help a friend replace a few shingles on the roof of their home. You fall off the roof, break your arm and a few ribs — you're left in pretty bad shape and unable to work for a while what do you do now? Here, you'll find out your next move to get the costs covered.

Talk with the Friend

You need to talk with the person whose home you fell off of about filing a homeowners' insurance claim for the incident. Some homeowners don't realize that they have coverage for such an event — others choose not to turn these accidents into their insurance company because they don't want to pay the deductible or see their premium rates increase for the next few years.

Fortunately for you, their homeowners' insurance policy, if they have one, does protect them from financial liability if someone is to get injured on their property.

When you go for medical treatment, you'll provide your personal insurance information. Then, sometime later, you'll receive a letter from your insurance company requesting an explanation of the accident, as well as the name and contact information of the homeowner. If the health insurance company deems this to be an injury sustained that should be covered by the homeowner, they'll open a case against them to recoup the money that they've paid for your treatment this far — they'll also bill the homeowner's insurance company for future treatments that these injuries may require.

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

This is an expense that you shouldn't be struggling to meet. You were there doing someone a favor and if they fight the insurance company's request for information or payment, they could be held liable. Talk with a personal injury lawyer if you're having trouble getting your friend that you were helping to cover the cost of your medical treatment. The lawyer will know the best way to go about getting you the money and the medical treatment that you deserve — there's no reason that all of these bills should pile up on your shoulders if you did nothing wrong.

Talk with your friend and if that doesn't work, talk with a lawyer — they will help you iron out this difficult situation.

For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area.