When you get a DUI, your life can potentially be changed in dramatic ways that go way beyond just having legal repercussions. Without legal representation, your DUI, if it leads to conviction, can negatively affect your life in many ways.

You should hire a DUI attorney for your DUI case because it's a serious thing. Learn why here, and call your local DUI attorney for a consultation so you can retain them to represent you before your next court date.

You can go to jail, even on a first offense

Your DUI can lead to some serious jail time, even on a first offense. This is jail time beyond the short time you've spent behind bars before you were released on bail or released on your own recognizance to prepare for court at a later date. If someone was injured in your DUI case or if you had minors in the car, for example, you can be facing more serious DUI charges than might happen in other cases, so it's wise to hire a DUI attorney to best understand your case. Your DUI attorney can help you understand your case better and will assist you in making the most of your situation.

You can lose your license or worse

When you are arrested for DUI and get convicted, you can lose your driver's license for a set period of time. This varies from state to state, so it's wise to hire a DUI attorney to help you understand what's at stake regarding your license. Even if you get your license back in a short amount of time, you can still be forced to file for SR-22 auto insurance. This is a type of insurance that higher-risk drivers have to have and can make it difficult for you to obtain insurance or get insurance at a competitive price.

You may also be forced to do community service or pay hefty fines as part of your plea deal if you get convicted of a DUI.

It's not just about going to court and trying to close your case; you can have heavy repercussions when you get a DUI and choose not to hire a DUI attorney. While your DUI attorney may not be able to make your entire case go away, they can help you navigate and negotiate your way to a more favorable outcome following your DUI. Any DUI is a big deal and should be treated as such.