It can take up to six months before you hear anything back on your social security disability claim. It is a nerve-wracking six months, wondering just where the intake agent is in the process. When you finally do receive the letter you are waiting for, it is a denial letter. There are three reasons why this could happen to you.

Not Enough Medical Evidence to Support Your Claim

Even if you have a diagnosis of an illness or disorder that is on Social Security's qualifying disability list, it does not guarantee an instant acceptance of your claim. In fact, many people with qualifying diagnoses are denied benefits. The reason is that there is not enough medical evidence to support your claim, and the Social Security office demands a lot of proof. You simply cannot walk into the nearest Social Security office with a piece of paper from a doctor that says you have a disorder or a disease and have your claim approved. (The only exceptions to this rule are people who are blind, deaf or have a very limited life expectancy, such as those with cancer.)

You Are Substantially or Gainfully Employed

You cannot be working before or during your claim for benefits. It does not matter that you could become homeless or lose everything you have while you wait for your claim acceptance letter. If you are working even two hours a week, that is still working and not disabled under the Social Security Administration's rules for claiming disability benefits. Those two hours puts you in the "gainfully" employed department, and you will be denied for this reason.

You Have Not Had Your Disability Long Enough to Warrant Benefits

This reason goes back to filing right after you have been diagnosed. The SSA looks at how long you have had your condition as well as how much it impacts your ability to work and function in daily life. Going from your doctor and a diagnosis one day to the SSA office the next is not enough time to satisfy this requirement.

What You Can Do Legally to Justify Your Claim

You need to talk to a social security disability lawyer. He or she can determine whether or not the denial reason is fair and just, as well as advise you in your pursuit of benefits. Since almost all disability claims are denied in the first round and again when you make your first appeal, the lawyer like one from Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith can help you with your continued appeals and get involved to fight for your benefits for you.