Were you recently injured in an accident? Do you think the other party's insurance company should be financially responsible for your injuries and expenses? If so, then the process will likely start with a demand letter. A demand letter is a letter that you send to the liable party informing them that you are holding them responsible and that you believe that they should pay for your expenses. The letter usually initiates negotiations. If those negotiations don't result in a settlement, then you may need to move on to litigation. However, if you write an effective demand letter, you may motivate the other party to reach a settlement. Here are three tips on how to do that:

Keep your language concise, direct, and factual. You want your letter to be credible and taken seriously. To accomplish that, you need to stick strictly to the facts. Don't use overly emotional or hyperbolic language. Don't express something that can't be backed up by evidence or documentation. Simply state what happened, why the other party is responsible, and what your damages are in terms of physical injuries and financial losses.

At the end of the letter, state the amount that you wish to receive from the other party. Also, give them a deadline to reply to you before you take the claim to court. If you set a deadline, you will likely hear from them relatively quickly.

Provide an abundance of documentation. The more documentation that you can provide, the more effective your letter will be. Gather any reports that the police department generated. If there were witnesses, contact them and ask them to write statements about what they saw. Get written statements from any doctors who have treated you. You want to provide the other party with so much documentation that they have no choice but to accept responsibility for the accident. Then you can move on to negotiating a settlement.

Ask for an amount that is much higher than what you want. It is highly unlikely that the insurance company will offer you the exact amount that you ask for in the demand letter. in fact, they may even come in with a very low offer just to test your negotiating skills. Knowing this in advance, don't be afraid to ask for a much higher amount. That will give you room to negotiate down and find a compromise amount.

For help with your demand letter, contact a personal injury attorney. They can help you craft the letter and they can assist with the subsequent negotiations. One professional that may be able to assist you is Cobble Jeffrey A Attorney.