Driving a motorcycle can be a very thrilling experience, but you put yourself at risk when you share the road with other vehicles. If you get into an accident that caused an injury to happen to you, it is very likely it will be with a truck or car. It could seem clear that you are not at fault, but the blame may be shifted toward you simply because you are driving a motorcycle. Be prepared for these 3 ways you will be blamed.

You Were Not Making Yourself Visible

When riding a motorcycle, you have an additional responsibility of making you and your vehicle visible to the other drivers. This includes wearing clothing that is reflective at night, or having lights and reflectors on the motorcycle itself.

Claiming a lack of visibility is not enough to blame you for the accident, but it can be one of several factors that make you appear to be the guilty party if it is true.

You Were Not Driving In A Safe Manner

The goal of the other party's insurance company is to place blame on you so that they do not need to pay for the injury. This can be done by claiming that you were driving in the other vehicle's blind spot, or that you made an abrupt turn that is only possible on a motorcycle. Accusations can even involve going into your driving record and bringing up old tickets and driving infractions during your case.

This is why you should always be open about your previous driving history, because it can have an impact on your case. Also, make sure that your statements about the accident are truthful and consistent. If your recollection of the event changes, it can weaken your side of the case.

Your Motorcycle Was Faulty At The Time of The Accident

When your motorcycle malfunctions while driving on the road, an accident is more likely to occur because you do not have the stability of having four wheels on the road. The driver of the motorcycle is responsible for reacting appropriately during the situation, which is why the blame could be shifted to you as a motorcycle rider.

Be prepared to prove that you did not have a vehicle malfunction prior to the accident, and it will be one more way to help take the blame off of you.

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