Researching a roadside accident case, or thinking about calling a truck accident lawyer? These attorneys look at a variety of factors in a heavy-duty vehicle case. Here are some of the many things that truck accident injury attorneys look into on behalf of their clients.

Roadside Emergency Situations

When trucks are stopped on the road in an emergency, they should have proper lighting in place, as well as warning signage or other precautions. Truck accident lawyers will look at whether a stalled or stopped truck presented an obstacle on the road, and whether safety warning installations were in place.

Driver Training

Truck accident lawyers will look at whether the truck operator was up to date on all training and certifications, and whether he or she was fully qualified to operate the vehicle. That's a large part of evaluating what led to an accident, and whether any third party might be liable.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Lawyers involved in a truck accident case will also look at whether any condition of deterioration or lack of proper vehicle maintenance contributed to the accident. For instance, a lack of brakes, signals, or appropriately maintained tires can have tragic consequences.

Lane and Traffic Changes

Truck accident lawyers may also look at whether or not sudden traffic changes contributed to an accident. This involves looking at whether there is a third party responsibility on the part of a government office or other party that needs to maintain consistent procedures for changing traffic patterns.

Impaired Driving

Lawyers will always look at whether any driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and whether that was a factor in an accident or injury.

Animals and Live Cargo

Lawyers may also look at whether any live cargo was lost in an accident. In some cases, animals and other live cargo can become a liability after a truck collision. For instance, trucks carrying honeybees can release dangerous swarms that can contribute to secondary accidents. The same is true for livestock and other kinds of animals.


In addition to the use of illicit substances, or driver distraction due to electronic devices, lawyers like Fonvielle, Lewis, Foote & Messer will also look at whether any driver was operating under excessive fatigue situations. Trucking companies and other parties may be required to provide documentation on hours logged, to present evidence that the truck operator is not operating beyond a safe margin.

Any of these considerations may be a factor in a truck accident case.