Are you frustrated because your spouse filed for a divorce that will leave you with no financial means in the end? If you don't want the complicated divorce battle to end up in favor of your spouse, you need to seek prompt assistance from an attorney. Read more about what an attorney can do to contest the unjust divorce petition that your spouse is trying to win in court.

What will Happen During the First Discussion with a Divorce Attorney?

Your first conversation with a divorce attorney will involve him or her asking multiple questions about your marriage. The attorney will want truthful details as to how you and your spouse ended up in divorce court. What went on in the marriage can have an effect on your financial rights in the divorce. For instance, the right for you to receive financial compensation can be forfeited or reduced if you committed an affair that led to the marriage falling apart. Keep in mind that your conversation with the attorney is confidential, so leaving out facts will only hurt your credibility later on during court.

How Does an Attorney Prepare to Contest a Divorce Petition?

Your attorney will prepare by doing an investigation on your spouse. The investigation can help the attorney determine if there is an illegal prenuptial agreement in place, such as one that your spouse is saying you signed when you actually didn't. Any affairs that your spouse may have had will also be investigated, as it may give you more rights in the divorce (such as gaining possession of assets). Witnesses may also be found that can prove in court that your spouse was not treating you fairly in the marriage, such as people that know him or her. Proof that you were not treated right can act as evidence that your spouse is trying to hold back finances in the divorce to spite you.

How Affordable are Services from a Divorce Attorney?

You can be charge a flat rate by an attorney, but is likely to be charged by the hour based on the complexity of the divorce. The hourly rate can be as low as $75. However, it may cost you up to $400 per hour to hire an attorney when your spouse is determined to make the case complicated. Hire an attorney fast so you can end your complicated divorce case without coming out on the bottom!