After being injured in an accident or due to the neglect of someone else, you can file a personal injury claim and gain an opportunity to be compensated for loss of income, pain and suffering, as well as out-of-pocket expenses that are associated with your injuries. Implement the following tips and tricks to help optimize your personal injury lawyer's success and maximize your chance of being awarded the highest possible level of compensation for your case:

Maintain a Progress Diary

You can provide your personal injury lawyer with invaluable support by maintaining a personal progress diary that documents any daily experiences that are associated with your injuries. The diary should not include any personal feelings or insights but instead should focus on things such as any medications or therapies you have to make use of on any given day, how well injuries are healing, aches and pains that are experienced throughout the day, Missed work days, rehabilitation sessions, and doctor's visits. By providing your lawyer with a daily breakdown of your recovery process, they'll be able to better display to the court how and why you deserve the compensation that you're asking for.

Collect and Copy Receipts

It is also beneficial to collect and copy all of the receipts and paperwork that is associated with your injuries so you can provide your lawyer with the information that proves your injuries or the costs that are associated with them. Everything from medical expenses and therapy fees to transportation costs and co-payments should be documented for your attorney. Instead of waiting until you have collected everything associated with your case before handing it over to your lawyer, make copies and pass things along as you receive them so they can more easily be used to build your case as things progress.

Acquire Official Statements

Another effective way to support your personal injury lawyer is to provide them with official statements from your medical and physical therapy doctors, your pharmacist, your employer, and any witnesses that were at the scene when your injuries occurred. Have the statements printed on official letterheads when possible and make sure that each one is personally signed by the statement giver.

You may have to obtain statements from some people on a periodic basis as things change. For example, you'll want to get an initial statement from your employer that vouches for the fact that you are too injured to work and make money – then you will need a new statement to verify when you do get back to work.

In addition to the tips and tricks outlined here, it's important to sit down and talk to your personal injury lawyer during the initial consultation meeting about any specific steps they need you to take in order to help make their job easier. Visit a site like for more information on personal injury lawyers.