When most people think of probate attorneys, they often think of an attorney that is needed to disperse assets after a family member has died, and it is true that this is one of their functions. But there are many services they provide while an individual is still alive, and the more you can take advantage of these services now, the fewer problems there will be after your death. The following are among the most important services this type of lawyer can provide you.

They can draw up a will

Many types of lawyers offer this service, but it is the probate attorney that has a lot of experience with people who have died without a will. This is when the fighting begins. However, a will can be drawn up that is clear and done within the law. This means there will be few, if any, challenges to the will. Along with your instructions as to who will inherit which of your assets, you can also stipulate where you would like to be buried, or perhaps cremated if that is your wish. All aspects of your funeral can be stipulated in your will.

They can assist in creating a living trust

You do not have to wait until you die to transfer assets to your loved ones. A living trust allows you to begin the process of providing for your loved ones today. There are many tax benefits associated with a living trust, and a probate attorney is familiar with all of them. In addition, a living trust is one of the best ways to avoid probate issues after your death.

They can help you with medical issues

In some cases, you may not die, but because of disease or injury, you can no longer make decisions on your own. This type of lawyer can draw up a document containing instructions, for specific situations, in which power of attorney is given to a certain person that you specify. In addition, end of life decisions can be documented, so under certain medical conditions, doctors will know what your wishes are, regardless of what others may claim they are.

Once you have died, a probate attorney will be able to file the necessary papers with the courts, but the important thing to keep in mind is that when using a probate lawyer while you are still living, the entire process after your death becomes easier. The chances of fighting between family and friend over your estate become minimal, and you are assured that your wishes will be respected. For more information, contact a probate attorney, like David R Webb Attorney.