If you own a small business, and someone has recently become injured due to a slip and fall incident that you believe was not genuine, you will most likely want to prove this in a court of law. Unfortunately, sometimes people will look for business owners to target in an attempt to receive compensation for their injury as well as a reason to receive money for not being able to work. If you believe a fall was falsely performed on your property, try some of the following tips to prove you were not negligent in any way, helping you to reverse any charges the person may have against you in an attempt to receive money.

Find Witnesses To Prove Suspicious Behavior Was Presented

If there were other people in your business at the time of the proposed fall, someone may have seen the person acting suspiciously before they asked for medical help. The person may have walked around looking for an area of flooring that would appear to have caused their fall, such as one with a crack in the cement or with liquid on the surface. They may have even poured a substance or set an item on the floor itself to use as the catalyst for their "fall". Check credit card receipts for names of people who may have been in your business around the time the incident occurred and call them personally to see if they could be a witness in your behalf

Check Any Surveillance Of The Business In The Days Before The Incident

If you have security equipment on the premises, you may have information within the footage to help prove the person was scoping out your business for their dramatic performance. Check your past retained footage to see if the person had frequented the business in the days before they had fallen. They may be seen looking for just the right spot to use for their fake injury. Ask neighboring businesses to check their footage too as the person may have frequented many other places looking for the right location to pull off their stunt.

Retain Copies Of Maintenance Work Pertaining To The Flooring Area

To help prove your floor was maintained properly, ask your cleaning crew to write a report telling when they had last serviced the floor in any way. If you had replaced tiles, did painting of cement, or filled in crevices within the flooring, this information may be used to prove you did you part in maintaining it as it should be. Take photographs of the floor to show to your attorney as well. This information may be helpful in coming up with an angle to prove the floor was not a hazard to anyone walking upon it.