Getting behind on your bills can be a very scary experience. You need to keep the lights and water going, but it's tough to do when prices continually go up while your salary remains the same. It's fairly normal to fall into a financial rut from time to time. However, the hole can become so large that you find yourself sinking without a life raft. Once you reach a particular point, it's time to take drastic action. Keep reading to learn about some critical signs that it's time for you to look into filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

You're Completely In The Red

When you look at your bank account, what do you see? Is there a positive number there that you can draw from to handle your financial responsibilities? Or, do you find that, no matter how hard you work and how much you want to pay your debts, you can never seem to get out of the negative zone? If you resonate more with the last option, you must do something to change this situation.

It doesn't take a lot to get over your head in debt. Unexpected medical bills can range in the thousands, and if your company downsizes and puts you on the chopping block, that once-dependable paycheck could dwindle down to nothing. If you aren't bringing in much money but your bills haven't gone down, it can be nearly impossible to really get hold of your finances. You need to know that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be the preserver you need to keep your head above water.

Collections Calls Are Skyrocketing

No one likes receiving nagging collections calls at all hours of the day. You might be trying to enjoy a meal with your family when the phone constantly goes off because the bill collectors are calling to try to get you to make a payment with money that you simply don't have.

The wonderful part about filing for bankruptcy is that it puts a stop on the collections calls. The moment you submit your filing an attorney can send a letter to your debtors, which places them under an automatic stay. They can no longer call you about the debt during the bankruptcy process, and this alone can fill you with relief. 

Talking with a bankruptcy attorney like Franklin D Hayes Attorney At Law can really illuminate your path and show you that there is hope. Schedule a legal consultation and start out on the path to freedom.