Divorce mediation is something that you can turn to when getting divorced, and it is becoming more popular today than ever. Through mediation, you and your spouse basically make all the necessary decisions about your divorce together while working with someone who is the mediator. If you are interested in this option, here are three good reasons to pursue it for your divorce.

Courts prefer it

Using mediation is actually the preferred method of divorce by courts, as it offers a way for the couple to make all the decisions instead of letting a judge make them. When a couple is unable to reach agreements, judges are left to do this, and a judge is going to have to make the decisions based on the information he or she has available. The judge will not always thoroughly know the situation or the spouses, and this often means that the decisions made are not going to be the best options for the couple.

Mediation generally offers better outcomes for both spouses

Mediation gives a couple the chance to work through issues together to reach mutual agreements on every single issue there is in the divorce. This will include splitting up assets and debts in a way that is fair for both of them. It will also involve working through issues related to the kids. A couple that is able to work together in a reasonable, friendly, and fair manner will usually both end up getting more out of the divorce. In other words, mediation generally offers a better outcome for both spouses in the marriage.

It is faster and more cost effective

The other thing you should realize is that mediation will result in a faster and less costly divorce. The main thing that causes divorces to drag out for months or years is when fights over the settlement cannot easily be resolved. Fighting over the way you divide things in your divorce will not only cause the divorce to take much longer, but it will end up costing more too. The longer it takes to complete your divorce, the more money it will likely cost. If you want a faster and more cost-effective way to get divorced, you should consider using mediation, as this will help a lot with these two issues.

Mediation can be a good option to consider as you prepare for your divorce, and you can learn more about by visiting a local divorce lawyer.