For most Americans, having debt is a universal part of life. But how can you tell if your debt has crossed into dangerous territory and you should seek professional relief assistance? While many people focus on the dollar amounts or whether they're able to make minimum payments, some indicators have less to do with money and more to do with how it's affecting your life. Here are five such signs to look for. 

1. You Don't Know Your Numbers. Is your debt tallied up and organized? Do you know exactly how much you owe at any given time? Are you afraid to look? Not having a handle on your numbers or deliberately avoiding finding out means you may need help making and carrying out a plan. 

2. You're Hiding Debt. Many couples struggle with money issues, and debt can be one of the biggest problems in a relationship. Does your spouse or partner know how much debt you have? Do you hide spending either due to embarrassment, compulsion, or fear? Having to hide debt from those you love takes a toll on your relationship and your mental health. 

3. You've Developed Coping Mechanisms. Humans tend to find ways to cope with stressors and worries they can't resolve right away. Some of these, like getting exercise or talking with a trusted friend, are healthy strategies. Others, such as drinking or shopping, can be unhealthy. A better solution is to resolve the debt problem and get permanent, healthy relief. 

4. You're Having Work Trouble. Does your debt affect how you perform at work? Whether you spend time worrying over debt issues or you're spending work hours dealing with home finance problems, much more is at risk if your work suffers. You can't afford to lose a job or fail to get promotions and raises due to poor performance or distraction. 

5. You've Been Declined. As debt problems grow, access to credit tends to diminish. Credit problems affect credit scores, and eventually, you often find yourself being denied new credit. Now, the problem has grown large enough to damage your credit and you may soon lose the ability to get more credit to keep yourself above water. Take action before you reach that dangerous point of no return. 

Are you in any of these situations? If so, you're not alone. And you can get help to find permanent, practical debt relief legal services. Contact an attorney in your state who specializes in debt issues today to start conquering your financial woes.